About The Event

The Lifestyle Tech Conference brought together high value speakers from around the world to dissect today’s top trends and share their experiences in the most promising startups, corporates and change-makers disrupting our world today.

Jumpstart also hosted a full day of specially-curated Virtual Investor Matching, to give startups the opportunity to pitch their business idea to Jumpstart’s investor network and expand their business horizons.


Some of our favourite moments from the conference

Covid-19 Travel Panel

In a world halted by Covid-19, Bart Buiring, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer from Marriott International Asia Pacific, has seen a lot of demand for staycations in Hong Kong. He said that the market is constantly changing, so the industry has to stay agile. ‘We are constantly watching travel restrictions and planning accordingly. It’s quite challenging but interesting,’ said Buiring. The pandemic has forced the industry to rethink and rebrand. In the short term they are very focused on reassuring travellers. Catherine So, Managing Director, North Asia Region, Expedia Group, said regardless of Covid-19, ‘We are here to connect supply and demand. Regardless of what they are looking for, it doesn’t change our consumer-focused mindset.’


Cars of Tomorrow

Two of the most prestigious car companies in the world, Porsche and Lamborghini, came together to talk innovation and what to expect in the future. In response to how Lamborghini will shift to become a more sustainable company, Albert Wong, Director, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Macau, Lamborghini said, ‘from a supercar point of view, there are different ways of achieving our core values, in how we envision a cleaner future.’ Considering working with different materials to redesign motor placement, the designer can play a lot more with aerodynamics and efficiency. Pinky Lai, Founder and CEO, Brainchild Design Consultants and Former Chief Designer at Porsche poked fun at the idea of AI driving, asking rhetorically, ‘If you had the chance to drive your dream sports car, would you switch on AI driving?’

Interview with Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao reflected on his professional career in and out of the ring and journey to becoming a senator in the Philippines. He said he is grateful for all the support he received along the way, especially when he was just a poor boxer. That is why he set up and invested in businesses that focus on creating social impact, in order to give back to the society. ‘Business investments are important to professional athletes as well, because they don’t know what will happen after the fight is over,’ he added.

The Changing Face of Commerce

How do you transform your business to something more digital? E-commence is a must moving forward, growing from local to global. Jennifer Tam, Director, Chicks, highlighted the importance of getting an internal system in order. ‘It’s a lot of investment linking everything together.’

Draper Associates

Andrew Tang, Partner, Draper Associates, reminded startups to focus on the big picture: ‘If you take a horizontal thing like the internet, you can predict which industry will be next to transform.’ Mareme Dieng, Head of Partnerships and International Relations at Draper University, concurred. ‘We want our entrepreneurs to have a global scope, when it comes to their impact’, she added.

....And Many More!