Embark on a journey with us as we “Explore the Innovation Ocean”, the highly anticipated opening event of StartmeupHK, Hong Kong’s high-profile, government-backed event organized by Jumpstart Media. The hybrid event will be held at Ocean Park, Hong Kong’s iconic amusement park. You won’t want to miss it as it’s set to be one of the hottest events in town with an impressive guest list of high-profile VIPs, government officials, and industry leaders in innovation.

The event promises to be action-packed with a series of high-impact events and exhibitions that will leave you breathless. Join us for panels with thought-provoking speakers to the shark tank pitching, and even investor matching on the ferris wheel. There will also be a job fair, treasure hunt, and much, much more. This highly anticipated event promises to be a transformative experience, blending engaging discussions, interactive exhibits, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

Prepare to be inspired, make lasting connections, and be part of the transformation shaping the future of innovation on November 8, 2023.

Count Every Second Until the Event


Experience the future of innovation at Explore the Innovation Ocean by Jumpstart. Join industry experts, investors, and startups as we explore the latest advancements. With three captivating tracks, we’re shaping Hong Kong’s position as a global hub for technology.

The Speaker Track

Delve into the Speaker Track, where influential keynote speakers and thought leaders will share their insights and expertise on the latest trends in cutting-edge technology and innovation. Expand your knowledge and stay ahead of the curve with valuable insights from industry visionaries.

The Competition Track

Ignite the spirit of competition in our exhilarating Competition Track. Where visionary startups and entrepreneurs will go head-to-head in a thrilling pitch competition held at Ocean Park’s shark tank. In addition to the intense pitch competitions at Ocean Park, we’ve added an exciting treasure hunt. Unleash your entrepreneurial prowess as you navigate clues, conquer challenges, and discover hidden treasures. Showcase your groundbreaking ideas to industry experts and investors for a chance to win coveted prizes, and receive invaluable mentorship.

The relationship and showcase track

Immerse yourself in the Relationship Showcases track, where attendees can connect and network with a diverse community of industry players. Come check out the booths, join us for investor matching (on the Ferris Wheel!), and mentor-mentee matching. Startups looking to connect with Corporates can sign up for the POC matching, and students should definitely check out the job fair. Expand your network and unlock new possibilities in this dynamic hub of innovation.


Speaker’s Name

[Founder of Forum]

Anna Harrison

[Product Designer]

Nina Wallker

[UX Manager]

John Powell

[Founder and CEO]

Thomas Powell

[Product Lead]

Marry April

[Product Manager]

Samm Morison

[Former VP product]

John May


Join us now at Ocean Park on November 8!