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Hosted by Jumpstart Media, the Lifestyle Tech Conference will bring new meaning to everyday life, providing key insights into the way we live. Join us as we bring you insights, trends and experiences from the most promising startups, investors, corporates and change makers disrupting our bodies, our purchases, our downtime, our technologies & aspirations and our necessities.


Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai


February 13th, 2020

Over 600 minutes of Panels and Keynotes

How Technology is Disrupting Everyday Life

The Lifestyle Tech Conference is fully loaded with over 600 minutes of free to attend panels and keynotes, tailored to support your information needs. Whether you are looking to upgrade your skills, gain industry insight into the latest techniques, or listen to inspirational experiences from renowned peers, there’s something unique waiting for you at #LTCONF.

We’re delighted to feature in this year’s program, some of the key speakers from industry-leading brands, such as LalaMove, Retail in Asia, WeLab, Prosus Group, Classpass, Emperor Group and many more.

Experience Disruption for Yourself

Unwind and experience all that Lifestyle Tech has to offer

It’s one thing to hear about all the latest ways technology is affecting our lives. It’s another thing to experience it first hand. Now you can. Come explore our interactive lifestyle zone and see first hand some of the latest tech that is changing the way we live, eat, work, shop, etc.

And best of all it’s FREE. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to see and take part in Hong Kong’s biggest startup event of 2020.

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Conference Schedule

Over 600 Minutes of Panels and Keynotes
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  • The Lifestyle Tech Conference

    February 13, 2020

  • We will delve into the factors driving the change in the perception of fitness, moving it from a necessary and unglamorous part of life to an indicator of lifestyle. The panel will address how fitness companies are adjusting their strategies to build a lifestyle brand around their product, and what opportunities still remain to be captured in the fitness space.
    Main Stage

  • We engage with payments more than any other function of mobile financial management solutions. This panel will address some of the trends around cashless payment systems in the region, their adoption and implications for economies, as well as the type of support provided by government bodies.
    Main Stage

  • Exploring the impact of Proptech in real estate. Is it just a buzzword or is it actually improving the industry? How are major players responding to the disruption and transformation that is coming about due to these innovations? What are the trends that are arising and how will they shape the industry going forward?
    Main Stage

  • With transportation getting easier and more efficient, we are seeing changing attitudes on taking public transport, owning gas-guzzling cars, and sacrificing exclusivity for the sharing economy. This panel addresses what some of the challenges presented by this changing paradigm are, as well as the upcoming opportunities and how companies plan to capitalize on them.
    Main Stage

  • The luxury fashion industry has been not only wasteful but inaccessible to all but the top 1%. We look at how and why that is changing now, as well as how traditional luxury brands perceive the rise of affordable luxury and what they are doing to remain competitive.
    Beauty & Luxury
    Main Stage

  • With retail stores paying more attention to online shoppers and mass events like Black Friday and Singles' Day, what are some trends we're seeing in how people shop online? How is tech being used to create more frictionless shopping experiences in physical stores and what is the perspective of big retailers towards homegrown e-commerce solutions like Tokopedia and Carousell?
    Main Stage

  • Far from the days of Lonely Planet or guided tours as the only ways to explore a new country, it's now possible to find a place to stay and create an itinerary without ever seeing another person. Not only that, but apps like Sweet Escape help vacationers tick the Instagram box, by allowing holiday-goers to hire photographers to take professional snaps of them throughout their trip. How is this changing tourism and travel and how is the industry catering to these demands?
    Main Stage

  • With the rise of ad blockers and regulations limiting access to audiences, how are advertisers changing their strategy to maximize the reach and effectiveness of their targeting and campaigns.
    Main Stage

  • A discussion into the changes over the years that have made professional gaming a viable career. Why sponsorship in sports is such a hot space and what form it takes and the results of this inflow of attention and money into sponsorship campaigns in the category.
    Main Stage

  • With the ability to switch partners or find someone new with just a swipe, how have dating apps affected how we approach dating and whether we stay in relationships, and how are online dating platforms in Asia adapting to different dating mindsets in the region?
    Main Stage

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40+ Speakers from across the Lifestyle Industry


Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre - 1 Expo Dr, Wan Chai

The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre is one of the two major convention and exhibition venues in Hong Kong, along with AsiaWorld-Expo.

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